Definition: Insecurities– one word many meanings!

The eyebags under your eyes are indicative of all the sleepless nights you have sacrificed for something that makes you happy.
The wrinkles on your skin show that you have lived a beautiful part of your life and are starting the remaining half of it.
The pimples on your face show that you are an emotional and a sensitive person who experiences all the emotions so deeply that it shows on the outside and that’s beautiful. Your skin color either dark or light determines nothing but the tone of your body.
Your uneven, imperfect smile shows only the purity of your soul.
We all have our insecurities but they make us human. We often forget this — but humans are not meant to be perfect. You don’t need to have a perfect skin or body shape or size to look beautiful. You are beautiful with all your imperfections.

Lost soul 🌻

My strength is crushed into pieces
And all I am left with is emptiness
The darkness that has no name
That comes and never leaves
Slowly and slowly it breaks you
And makes room for itself

You feel like dying
But can’t do anything
Your heart keeps sinking and sinking
Your breath becomes shallower
Your mind is tired
But no one notices

All they see is a dry fake smile
They don’t wonder
Where is the spark of your eyes

I’ll let you in on a secret my friend
This trap is the trap of social media
Escape it if you can or be prepared to loose yourself 🖤

P. S social media has it’s benefits but we shouldn’t be lost in it and shouldn’t compare ourselves to others!

Life matters? Life matters. 🌻

Happy faces depressed souls,
Breaks my heart and I can’t withhold.
So many why’s in my mind,
An untold story left behind.
In a world full of people we lost a life,
Why doesn’t it matter until we die?

Writing this with a heavy heart,
Tired of seeing tragedies every hour
Hope to see some good old days,
Where humanity does prevail 🍂

-Be kind! Kindness is beautiful❤️


There will be times when nobody will understand you. There will be occasions when you feel like giving up. Giving up on people, things and maybe “on life!” There will be a time when nothing will seem good. Life would suck. Every moment will feel like a burden and there might be no one to tell you that you will get through this time.

But here i am to tell you this:

You are a fighter

Let alone a surviver

You have a spark inside your heart

That can set the whole world on fire

Who cares what people say

Do they take you out on every friday

So do what makes you happy

And dont be an echo of any other “Sammy” or “cathy”

You are who you are no regrets

Make it your motto and dont you forget

That you have a purpose to live

And whatever it is just always be positive

Show those who doubted you what you are really made of

By setting a fire in the sky that will never fade

Live a life so worthwhile

That you end up telling it to your grandchildren

While drinking some lemonade under a light brown sunshade

Now i cant put more effort in rhyming lemonade with sunshade

Someone just give me an accolade xD

In the end i just want you to know:

You are not alone! Stay strong!❤

Free yourself from the pain💃

Its so ironic how one day one person can change your whole life. How a single person has the power to convert your day into night. I ask why? Why do we have to give the right to some random person to kill our happiness or WHY Why is our happiness connected with a single person .Why can’t we free ourselves from this pain that is hurting us day after day and in the end it breaks us piece by piece and leaves us with no good. Why cant we be happy on our own?Why do we need to be happy with that one person who has broken us to such small pieces that we cant even fix ourselves?

You know in todays world there are 7,462,934,114 approximate people in this world and all we know is one person around whom our whole life revolves. Now we have a big big problem people. This needs to be resolved asap otherwise the world would have to face the consequences of it. So basically we are wrong we can not I repeat we can not let that one person who is not our friend anymore but is “poison” for us ruin our lives.

You are going through some shit at the moment and you feel you can not survive without that person, well let me tell you, you can and you will. If a person rejects you or your friendship despite you being loyal to them and giving them everything then know that they dont deserve you they dont deserve your tears infact they dont deserve to be a part of your life kick them out of your life as soon as possible because we dont need some lowkey negative bag full of rotten eggs in our lives or do we? I think we all like some fresh eggs aint? Yes we do so you need to throw them out your life and then enjoy some good eggs and if the smell of rotten eggs(or may i say their memories) irritates or bothers you, all you need to do is use some air freshner you might wanna use one that they hate in that case the smell will run away quite easily and you will be able to breathe in some fresh air😊

Stay happy people life is short❤

Just think about it❤

Have you ever wondered that what you say really could matter to others. Your one word is powerful enough to make or break someones heart. Your one word could lighten up aur darken someones day. In todays fast world we have so much to say and sometimes we say a little too much. Harsh words have become a part of our speech. We dont feel reluctant in letting others down. Maybe that women whom you bullied was lonely,maybe that guy who looked like a joker to you was hiding his pain, maybe that reckless old shop keeper whom you called dirty was living a life of misery, maybe that girl you labelled as fat was suffering from a disease and maybe,maybe that guy whom you called a “cry boy” lost his family. Your words might have broken each one of them and they might have lost hope.

Instead of becoming a source of smile for someone we end up becoming a source of grief for them.My dear friends it is easy to give pain but it is very difficult to share the pain and bring smile on someones face. Your victory in this world would be when the first thing that pops up in others mind after seeing you is joy. A happy ending is a dream for most but they dont know a happy journey is the biggest dream you can ever acheive. And that we can acheive by becoming a source of happiness for others.

Sometimes people act up because they are holding a lot inside of their hearts and mind so next time when an old person (or a teenager) is being rude or impolite stop and let her know that its gonna be okay one day and everything will set in its place.Your words matter so choose them wisely❤


Sometimes its okay to cry, to be uncertain about life

Sometimes its okay to shout, to be heard by people

Sometimes its okay to go down the memory lane, to live the moments

Sometimes its okay to break the shell around you, to open up

Sometimes its okay to spread your wings, to fly up high

Sometimes all we need is a warm hug, to feel better

Sometimes we desire to see a smile a, smile full of love

Sometimes we just want someone, to take away all are pain

Sometimes we should forgive and forget

Sometimes its okay to follow your heart, to let your mind rest

Sometimes its okay to laugh like a child, to feel crazy inside out

Sometimes its okay to do something for others, to get peace of mind

Sometimes its okay to dream, to make it reality in no time

Sometimes its okay to feel like a unicorn, unique and ravishing at the same time❤

You can not make ’em happy😏😫

If you be humble towards others,they call you a fool

If you do as they say,they take you for granted

If you stand up for yourself,you become a chauvinist

If you give your opinion,you get labelled as a bigot

If you accept others will,they call you brainless

If you feel for others,you are too sensitive

If you don’t show any concern,they call you heartless

If you share your feelings,they make you a joke

If you don’t express yourself,they call you stony-faced

If you think for yourself,you are selfish

If you put others before yourself,you need to get a life

If you show interest in yourself,you become self obssessed

If you divert your attention towards them,you become an invader of their personel space

If you guide them,you are a dictator

If you let them do what they want,you are inconsiderate

If you dont see eye to eye with them,they call you an opponent

If you agree with them,you are a follower

You see you can not make everyone happy. BUT YOU CAN BE HAPPY. So care less about what they think or say. Become resistant towards their remarks because no matter what you do you can not satisfy every soul on this planet. And you are not even meant to satisfy them, but yourself❤

We all are survivors ❤

Hey, i am one of you
Finding myself in this lost world
So tied up by the forces of judgement
So wrapped up in the confusion of satisfaction
I don’t say much, i dont talk at all
But that doesnt make me different from all
I also feel,i also cry
I put up a strong face but i too am weak inside
I may seem dark and serious
But what you see is not always right
I have dreams to achieve
I have moments to live
I have to make a difference in this glittering world
I want to be known by all
I don’t wanna go like i came in this world
Quiet and unnoticed like all of you
I dont wanna be the spot light either
But a source of light in this darkened world
You can mock at me, call me names
You can judge,you can bully
You can make me cry
But you can not break me
I will fall,i will cry
And then i will get up,dust myself and face you all
I wont stop,i will achieve
I will be who i am meant to be
I won’t give up so easily
I will break the rules and make new ones
I will set example for you all
I am survivor- and survivors break the cage and fly up high❤

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