We all are survivors ❤

Hey, i am one of you
Finding myself in this lost world
So tied up by the forces of judgement
So wrapped up in the confusion of satisfaction
I don’t say much, i dont talk at all
But that doesnt make me different from all
I also feel,i also cry
I put up a strong face but i too am weak inside
I may seem dark and serious
But what you see is not always right
I have dreams to achieve
I have moments to live
I have to make a difference in this glittering world
I want to be known by all
I don’t wanna go like i came in this world
Quiet and unnoticed like all of you
I dont wanna be the spot light either
But a source of light in this darkened world
You can mock at me, call me names
You can judge,you can bully
You can make me cry
But you can not break me
I will fall,i will cry
And then i will get up,dust myself and face you all
I wont stop,i will achieve
I will be who i am meant to be
I won’t give up so easily
I will break the rules and make new ones
I will set example for you all
I am survivor- and survivors break the cage and fly up high❤


❤Purest Love❤

When I was one you taught me how to walk.When i turned two you taught me how to talk.When i got ill you took care of me all night.You sacrificed your sleep for me.When i grew older you taught me moral values.You were always there for me in my good and bad times.Then when  i stepped into my teens i forgot all you did for me.And showed some harsh sentiments towards you.Which hurt you but you never showed.

I considered you old fashioned and said you know nothing.You heard all that with a dismal smile and said:                                 “Yes child you are right i am getting old now”                                                               There were tears behind your smile and a wave of sadness passed through you but i never notice.

I ignored you all the time and gave you no such importance that you deserved.But you still came to see if i had eaten my food or if i was in need of anything.You slept after i had fallen asleep.You worked like a machine and fulfiled my requirements.

And all i did was mis-treat you.Without saying anything you did everything for me.You did not say much but your silence   started haunting me.I started feeling empty and knew that  something was missing.And i realized that i am nothing   without you.You give meaning to my life.And without your love i can not  survive in this world.Then i saw your smile and realized that your smile lightens up my dark world

And i burst into tears and apologized from the core of my heart.To my surprise you did not say anything but hugged me hard and cried.Finally in a painful voice you said: “It’s okay darling! It’s okay.”    

At that moment i felt the warm love of a mother which is the purest of all the temporary feelings of the world and it can not be replaced.

I can not put into words the bond between a mother and her child but i know that without this beautiful sensation a man is as empty as a hollow heart.❤



She had magic in her soul❤

I am surrounded by heartless people
You look at me is if i am a joke
You make me feel as if i dont exist
I have feelings, i feel things
I cry over nights without you knowing
You say i am ugly,you call me names
I laugh at them even though i am hurting inside
I never tell you how much it lacerates me
I dont ask you for anything but you assume things;
You think i care about what you think
What if all i care about is the mango tree that gives me shade from the sun that is burning my skin?
What if all i care about is to climb on a mountain top and shout out loud?
But that doesn’t matter, right?
Maybe all i want is some peaceful time in the woods at twilight
Maybe all i want is to talk with you all day
Or to laugh at stupid jokes
Maybe i just want to be happy. Happy!
You dont take me as a normal person
For you i am a plastic bag, you can use me and then tear me apart
Sometimes i feel blinded by the darkness of your negativity
I dont want to be the perfect person with everyone loving me
I dont want to be perfect
But i dont either want to be invisible like air
I dont want you to stab me in my back
Life is unfair,it is mean and cruel
But thats okay, thats how it has to be
You should worry when it offers you some good moments to live
Because it is an illusion and nothing else
What if i am lost in this illusion would you help me or would you walk away?
Would you give me a hand to hold on?
Would you give me a shoulder to cry on?
My head is suffocating with what you call thoughts
I dont anymore because they are like torture for me
It feels as if someone is inserting a sword in my head slowly and slowly
I doubt the idea of tension free world
That does not exist, all that exists is a darkened world with you judging everyone
I feel my heart sinking in the murkiness of your cruelty
It is covered with bruises that have no explanation
They dont even hurt anymore because by now they are an old hat for me
All you observe is the blemish of her face
But she had magic in her soul and you never noticed.❤

Power of imagination💥

Imagination. Insight. Creativity. Fascination. Different words but same meanings. Basically imagination is our own small world which is all to us. We can do whatever we want in it,however we like there are no boundaries. It is way different from the real world and maybe that makes it beautiful. It is an escape from the real world. It is that space which we all require to breathe in order to live up to our goals.

The beauty of imagination can not be denied by any means, it can only be glorified. We all have our own cocoon in which we have our secrets and it is coated by a thick layer of imagination. The pulchritude (charm) of imagination is that it does not bound us. We can be anyone it does not make us afraid of the ghost of society specifically from the “what the people will say” fever. 

My imagination hah its so strong that i can’t even tell😀 i am actually travelling the whole world through my imagination. Lastly i checked i was in los angeles😂 and see thats the power of imagination it gives ya satisifaction that one day your dreams will come true and that one day is not that far away ( fingers crossed in my case) 😆 it does not make you feel inferior or unwanted. It makes you feel pretty good and hopeful actually.

We all build our small nest of imagination and mostly our imagination reaches its peak on lonely and insomniac nights when all we are doing is tossing on the bed and disturbing others with the weird and silly sounds which our bed is making 😂 ( which honestly are so annoying to hear)

On a serious note for me imagination is a river full of our creative thoughts which needs to flow to maintain its equillibrium. And if it is blocked by our technical thoughts then it breaks the walls of our brain and we as humans dont have tendancy to handle it.

 We are free to imagine whatever we want but remember it should be right and valid. Imagination is a small town made by a weak, strong, fragile, young or old people. Its walls are very delicate and if they are damaged it causes a huge damage to the whole system which operates our body-brain. So have a strong and healthy world of imagination and make it as interesting as you can because the best part about it is that you are the writer of your imagination and you own it and you are not answerable to anyone. So enjoy it and live it ❤

What the world has become today🤔

What the world has become today? That question popped in my mind and made me ponder over it. This is what i realized:
We are living in a world full of pretentious people. People who have become so self absorbed that they can not even realize that they are at mistake. People who have become ignorant and have lost hope in God. We have stopped caring about others. We are just concerned with our gains.
There is a cut throat competition between everyone. We are surrounded by the clouds of selfishness and they are thundering and roaring and making the world dark. 

But then there is some strike of hope,light which shines from the clouds and makes this gloomy world bright. In this dreadful environment there are some people who try to turn the situation upside down. They are still filled with passion and they haven’t forgotten the true meaning of love, sacrifice and friendship. They have drawn a line between right and wrong. Between good and bad. Between compromise and betrayle. They have not forgotten their values. They burn the midnight oil and this gets them on the success train. They don’t believe in making others suffer to have what they want or to get others out of their way in order to be successful. Such people are a source of inspiration. They make us realize that if you really want to be someone, or you want to be recognized as a good personality you can get it by determination,confidence and by faith in yourself. They make world a better place to live. If you can make a small glitter of your own in this darkened world then you have discovered yourself. We should not be the servants to our wishes becz that is what ordinary people do. Discover your own  road towards success and then guide others. By getting others out of your way or by harming them is not gonna get you anywhere but in the end you will be left on your own,all alone in a darkened room and that would be a nightmare. Jealousy is a part of us but we can try our best to overcome it and be happy for others and believe that they have blessings of God becz they deserve them. Now that would be a something new. A new thinking. Beginning of something new and better.

So please spread love and make things easy for others. The best among you is the one who has no bad feelings or hatred for others. Respect in the eyes truth on tongue determination on mind and peace at heart defines a legend. So be own and let the world recognize and appreciate you. Make at least one person tell your story to their child. Make people believe that there is some goodness still alive in this small world. Make your life worth living. Do something that gives you internal peace not only temporary happiness. Think beyond this world and that will help you to get at a better place. Clear your heart and make it pure. Because God lives in a pure heart. Be kind and affectionate towards others. Spread your inner shine. It all starts from you so find it,embrace it and spread it❤


Happiness is a drug that can make you forget your responsibillities OR it is a capsule that can heal you… happiness can not be defined in one word but whatever that makes you feel that you are blessed with so much or you have so much to thank God is happiness. Something that makes your life worth living is called happiness. Anything that makes you feel content with what you have and what you are doing is happiness. It is the worlds most beautiful and precious feeling that not many appreciate. Happiness is that one moment that makes your day. IT IS LIKE A BUTTERFLY THAT IS VERY SHORTLIVED BUT DELIGHTFUL AT THE SAME TIME. We all want to be happy but none of us try to be. Happiness my friends is within you not around you so instead of finding the moments create some and cherish them❤

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