Power of imagination💥

Imagination. Insight. Creativity. Fascination. Different words but same meanings. Basically imagination is our own small world which is all to us. We can do whatever we want in it,however we like there are no boundaries. It is way different from the real world and maybe that makes it beautiful. It is an escape from the real world. It is that space which we all require to breathe in order to live up to our goals.

The beauty of imagination can not be denied by any means, it can only be glorified. We all have our own cocoon in which we have our secrets and it is coated by a thick layer of imagination. The pulchritude (charm) of imagination is that it does not bound us. We can be anyone it does not make us afraid of the ghost of society specifically from the “what the people will say” fever. 

My imagination hah its so strong that i can’t even tell😀 i am actually travelling the whole world through my imagination. Lastly i checked i was in los angeles😂 and see thats the power of imagination it gives ya satisifaction that one day your dreams will come true and that one day is not that far away ( fingers crossed in my case) 😆 it does not make you feel inferior or unwanted. It makes you feel pretty good and hopeful actually.

We all build our small nest of imagination and mostly our imagination reaches its peak on lonely and insomniac nights when all we are doing is tossing on the bed and disturbing others with the weird and silly sounds which our bed is making 😂 ( which honestly are so annoying to hear)

On a serious note for me imagination is a river full of our creative thoughts which needs to flow to maintain its equillibrium. And if it is blocked by our technical thoughts then it breaks the walls of our brain and we as humans dont have tendancy to handle it.

 We are free to imagine whatever we want but remember it should be right and valid. Imagination is a small town made by a weak, strong, fragile, young or old people. Its walls are very delicate and if they are damaged it causes a huge damage to the whole system which operates our body-brain. So have a strong and healthy world of imagination and make it as interesting as you can because the best part about it is that you are the writer of your imagination and you own it and you are not answerable to anyone. So enjoy it and live it ❤


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    1. Thankyou! Actually i am new to this blogging thingy and i read your post but i don’t really know anyone here so i don’t think that i would be so comfortable working in partners. But thanks for the invitation. Really appreciate it🤗🌸

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