She had magic in her soul❤

I am surrounded by heartless people
You look at me is if i am a joke
You make me feel as if i dont exist
I have feelings, i feel things
I cry over nights without you knowing
You say i am ugly,you call me names
I laugh at them even though i am hurting inside
I never tell you how much it lacerates me
I dont ask you for anything but you assume things;
You think i care about what you think
What if all i care about is the mango tree that gives me shade from the sun that is burning my skin?
What if all i care about is to climb on a mountain top and shout out loud?
But that doesn’t matter, right?
Maybe all i want is some peaceful time in the woods at twilight
Maybe all i want is to talk with you all day
Or to laugh at stupid jokes
Maybe i just want to be happy. Happy!
You dont take me as a normal person
For you i am a plastic bag, you can use me and then tear me apart
Sometimes i feel blinded by the darkness of your negativity
I dont want to be the perfect person with everyone loving me
I dont want to be perfect
But i dont either want to be invisible like air
I dont want you to stab me in my back
Life is unfair,it is mean and cruel
But thats okay, thats how it has to be
You should worry when it offers you some good moments to live
Because it is an illusion and nothing else
What if i am lost in this illusion would you help me or would you walk away?
Would you give me a hand to hold on?
Would you give me a shoulder to cry on?
My head is suffocating with what you call thoughts
I dont anymore because they are like torture for me
It feels as if someone is inserting a sword in my head slowly and slowly
I doubt the idea of tension free world
That does not exist, all that exists is a darkened world with you judging everyone
I feel my heart sinking in the murkiness of your cruelty
It is covered with bruises that have no explanation
They dont even hurt anymore because by now they are an old hat for me
All you observe is the blemish of her face
But she had magic in her soul and you never noticed.❤


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