❤Purest Love❤

When I was one you taught me how to walk.When i turned two you taught me how to talk.When i got ill you took care of me all night.You sacrificed your sleep for me.When i grew older you taught me moral values.You were always there for me in my good and bad times.Then when  i stepped into my teens i forgot all you did for me.And showed some harsh sentiments towards you.Which hurt you but you never showed.

I considered you old fashioned and said you know nothing.You heard all that with a dismal smile and said:                                 “Yes child you are right i am getting old now”                                                               There were tears behind your smile and a wave of sadness passed through you but i never notice.

I ignored you all the time and gave you no such importance that you deserved.But you still came to see if i had eaten my food or if i was in need of anything.You slept after i had fallen asleep.You worked like a machine and fulfiled my requirements.

And all i did was mis-treat you.Without saying anything you did everything for me.You did not say much but your silence   started haunting me.I started feeling empty and knew that  something was missing.And i realized that i am nothing   without you.You give meaning to my life.And without your love i can not  survive in this world.Then i saw your smile and realized that your smile lightens up my dark world

And i burst into tears and apologized from the core of my heart.To my surprise you did not say anything but hugged me hard and cried.Finally in a painful voice you said: “It’s okay darling! It’s okay.”    

At that moment i felt the warm love of a mother which is the purest of all the temporary feelings of the world and it can not be replaced.

I can not put into words the bond between a mother and her child but i know that without this beautiful sensation a man is as empty as a hollow heart.❤




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