We all are survivors ❤

Hey, i am one of you
Finding myself in this lost world
So tied up by the forces of judgement
So wrapped up in the confusion of satisfaction
I don’t say much, i dont talk at all
But that doesnt make me different from all
I also feel,i also cry
I put up a strong face but i too am weak inside
I may seem dark and serious
But what you see is not always right
I have dreams to achieve
I have moments to live
I have to make a difference in this glittering world
I want to be known by all
I don’t wanna go like i came in this world
Quiet and unnoticed like all of you
I dont wanna be the spot light either
But a source of light in this darkened world
You can mock at me, call me names
You can judge,you can bully
You can make me cry
But you can not break me
I will fall,i will cry
And then i will get up,dust myself and face you all
I wont stop,i will achieve
I will be who i am meant to be
I won’t give up so easily
I will break the rules and make new ones
I will set example for you all
I am survivor- and survivors break the cage and fly up high❤


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