You can not make ’em happy😏😫

If you be humble towards others,they call you a fool

If you do as they say,they take you for granted

If you stand up for yourself,you become a chauvinist

If you give your opinion,you get labelled as a bigot

If you accept others will,they call you brainless

If you feel for others,you are too sensitive

If you don’t show any concern,they call you heartless

If you share your feelings,they make you a joke

If you don’t express yourself,they call you stony-faced

If you think for yourself,you are selfish

If you put others before yourself,you need to get a life

If you show interest in yourself,you become self obssessed

If you divert your attention towards them,you become an invader of their personel space

If you guide them,you are a dictator

If you let them do what they want,you are inconsiderate

If you dont see eye to eye with them,they call you an opponent

If you agree with them,you are a follower

You see you can not make everyone happy. BUT YOU CAN BE HAPPY. So care less about what they think or say. Become resistant towards their remarks because no matter what you do you can not satisfy every soul on this planet. And you are not even meant to satisfy them, but yourself❤


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