Just think about it❤

Have you ever wondered that what you say really could matter to others. Your one word is powerful enough to make or break someones heart. Your one word could lighten up aur darken someones day. In todays fast world we have so much to say and sometimes we say a little too much. Harsh words have become a part of our speech. We dont feel reluctant in letting others down. Maybe that women whom you bullied was lonely,maybe that guy who looked like a joker to you was hiding his pain, maybe that reckless old shop keeper whom you called dirty was living a life of misery, maybe that girl you labelled as fat was suffering from a disease and maybe,maybe that guy whom you called a “cry boy” lost his family. Your words might have broken each one of them and they might have lost hope.

Instead of becoming a source of smile for someone we end up becoming a source of grief for them.My dear friends it is easy to give pain but it is very difficult to share the pain and bring smile on someones face. Your victory in this world would be when the first thing that pops up in others mind after seeing you is joy. A happy ending is a dream for most but they dont know a happy journey is the biggest dream you can ever acheive. And that we can acheive by becoming a source of happiness for others.

Sometimes people act up because they are holding a lot inside of their hearts and mind so next time when an old person (or a teenager) is being rude or impolite stop and let her know that its gonna be okay one day and everything will set in its place.Your words matter so choose them wisely❤


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