Free yourself from the pain💃

Its so ironic how one day one person can change your whole life. How a single person has the power to convert your day into night. I ask why? Why do we have to give the right to some random person to kill our happiness or WHY Why is our happiness connected with a single person .Why can’t we free ourselves from this pain that is hurting us day after day and in the end it breaks us piece by piece and leaves us with no good. Why cant we be happy on our own?Why do we need to be happy with that one person who has broken us to such small pieces that we cant even fix ourselves?

You know in todays world there are 7,462,934,114 approximate people in this world and all we know is one person around whom our whole life revolves. Now we have a big big problem people. This needs to be resolved asap otherwise the world would have to face the consequences of it. So basically we are wrong we can not I repeat we can not let that one person who is not our friend anymore but is “poison” for us ruin our lives.

You are going through some shit at the moment and you feel you can not survive without that person, well let me tell you, you can and you will. If a person rejects you or your friendship despite you being loyal to them and giving them everything then know that they dont deserve you they dont deserve your tears infact they dont deserve to be a part of your life kick them out of your life as soon as possible because we dont need some lowkey negative bag full of rotten eggs in our lives or do we? I think we all like some fresh eggs aint? Yes we do so you need to throw them out your life and then enjoy some good eggs and if the smell of rotten eggs(or may i say their memories) irritates or bothers you, all you need to do is use some air freshner you might wanna use one that they hate in that case the smell will run away quite easily and you will be able to breathe in some fresh air😊

Stay happy people life is short❤


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