There will be times when nobody will understand you. There will be occasions when you feel like giving up. Giving up on people, things and maybe “on life!” There will be a time when nothing will seem good. Life would suck. Every moment will feel like a burden and there might be no one to tell you that you will get through this time.

But here i am to tell you this:

You are a fighter

Let alone a surviver

You have a spark inside your heart

That can set the whole world on fire

Who cares what people say

Do they take you out on every friday

So do what makes you happy

And dont be an echo of any other “Sammy” or “cathy”

You are who you are no regrets

Make it your motto and dont you forget

That you have a purpose to live

And whatever it is just always be positive

Show those who doubted you what you are really made of

By setting a fire in the sky that will never fade

Live a life so worthwhile

That you end up telling it to your grandchildren

While drinking some lemonade under a light brown sunshade

Now i cant put more effort in rhyming lemonade with sunshade

Someone just give me an accolade xD

In the end i just want you to know:

You are not alone! Stay strong!❤


22 thoughts on “YOU ARE NOT ALONE🙋‍♀️🧡

Add yours

  1. When you’ve been a carer, that feeling of being alone is very prevalent…….. I’d like to thank you for following my blog/website, muchly appreciated, I hope you enjoy my humble writings, and I’m from, Geelong, Australia. Cheers. Ivor.

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  2. I really enjoy this poem, it’s more than inspirational, it gives you hope.
    We are never alone, we have God. And we have ourselves, we just have to focus on the right things.
    Beautiful post, keep it coming 🤗 🤩!!

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